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Alpine PDX-5 5-channel Amplifier
Alpine 5-channel Amplifier PDX-5
Alpine 5-channel Amplifier PDX-5 PDX-5
Price £400.00 (inc. VAT)      3 in stock.

Product Features
  • Hi-specification, top-of-the range, CLASS-D 5-channel Amplifier


  • RMS Power
  • [4ohms @14.4V 1%THD]: 75W x 4 + 1 x 300W (4 or 2 Ohm)
  • (SPK Connect)
  • 4Layer Glass Epoxy PC Board
  • Class-D
  • Layered Installation
  • 5/4/3 Channel Operation
  • Thermal Management Processor
  • Adjustable Crossover (HP/LP)
  • MOSFET Power Supply
  • DC-DC PWM Power Supply
  • MOSFET Final Outputs
  • STAR Circuitry
  • Auto Over-Current Protection
  • Top Mounted Blue LED Power/Status Indicator
  • Integrated Wire and Mounting Screw Terminals
  • Input Channel Selector
  • Input Mode Selector Switch
  • One Side Terminal Layout
  • Gold Plated RCA Input Connectors
  • Continuously Adjustable Gain Control
  • Gold Plated Power Screw Terminals
  • Dimensions: 257mm x 192mm x 62mm


  • Bass Engine® Sound Tuning
  • Crossover Frequency Adjustment: 1/2Ch + 3/4Ch, 30Hz-400Hz HP/LP/Off
  • (-12dB/oct)
  • These amplifiers are so compact, they can even be installed under a seat! That’s right, put 1,000 watts under a seat, instead of filling up the trunk. The controls on the front are still accessible.
  • Compact enough for under-seat installation.
  • Convenient controls and terminals make installation easy.
  • Put the mono amp under one seat and a fullrange amp under the other seat to hide away the entire amplifier system.


  • Low Resistance, High Current Speaker Terminals
  • When you disconnect an amp it is hard to connect again because you don’t know the polarization, but the PDX amps eliminate that problem. You just plug the speaker cables into the terminals – you can’t do anything wrong.
  • Error-free connections.
  • Much faster and easier.
  • Convenient installation with pre-wired connectors (See image CAS2)


  • Small Footprint
  • The illustration shows how amazingly compact the PDX amplifiers are as compared to the previous MRD-M1001.
  • About 60% smaller than previous models with same power output.
  • Makes it possible to build a serious sound system with powerful bass — without filling up the boot!! (See image CAS3)


  • Same Power Output into 2Ohm and 4Ohm
  • The ability to provide the same output to 2Ohm and 4Ohm provides greater system building flexibility.
  • Mono amp has two subwoofer connectors, making it easy to add a second subwoofer.
  • Same amount of power used to drive one 4Ohm speaker can drive two 4Ohm speakers when they are wired in parallel to create a 2Ohm load.
  • Efficient way to get more dynamic bass. (See image CAS4)


  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • In the PDX-4.150 and PDX-2.150, Alpine met the challenge of producing a full range digital amplifier to rival the sound quality of even the best high-end Class A/B amplifiers. They use improved feedback circuitry to faithfully reproduce the input signal for improved dynamic range and higher fidelity. A revolutionary power supply filtering system, lower switching frequencies and lower output impedance combine to create extremely low distortion and greater speaker control, for clarity that meets or exceeds that found in the best Class A/B amplifiers. All three amps benefit from the use of trickle down technology from the AlpineF#1Status amplifier.


  • Amazing Power Density Ratio
  • Alpine’s goal is to give customers powerful amps that take up a minimum of space, and this has been achieved as never before with the PDX amps. We have even developed a new way to measure this performance, called the Power Density Ratio. To find it, divide the total RMS power from all channels by the total displacement volume of the amplifier in cubic centimeters (WxDxH).
  • The PDX-1.1000, for example produces an impressive 0,27 watts per cubic centimeter. Competitors only achieve a Power Density Ratio of about 0,13. The PDX-1.1000 is also extraordinarily small and efficient. In fact, the power supply is so efficient that the amp does not need a heat sink. All the power goes into output, not heat. (See image 5)


  • Layered Installation
  • All of the new PDX series amplifiers share an identical form. Using the removable 1” diameter trim caps from the top of the amplifiers, the amplifiers can be vertically stacked on top of each other and share one set of mounting holes — an industry-first installation option.
  • Can stack up to 3 PDX amps without increasing footprint of installation space. (See image CAS6)
Product Description

Enormous Power and Superior Sound
Alpine has a full lineup of outstanding sound system solutions that provide huge power with top-of-the-line sound quality – high-end amp and speaker systems to transform your in-car entertainment experience.

Enormous Power in a Compact Size
Designed for the audio enthusiast, the ultra compact PDX series amplifiers deliver enormous power output and sound quality while operating at 90% efficiency.

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